Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BrEad PuDdInG

This is a awesome bread pudding recipe! I used stale corn bread that had been in our frig for more than five days as the bread crumbs. I was worried how it would taste with the corn bread but it was a hit!!! Derek, Aaliyah, Addy and myself all Loved it. I served the bread pudding warm with a scoop of homemade Blue bell Ice cream on top. Delicious!!!

FrOm:CoOKbOok -"A FamiLy RasiEd On SunShine ," by Beverly K. Nye, 1977.

CoMbIne In A BaKinG Dish

5 CuPs BrEad CRumBs

4 CuPs SCaLdEd MiLk With 1 StiCK MaRGarinE Or BuTteR

1 CuP SuGaR

4 BeAtEn EgGs

1/2 tEasPoOn SaLt

1 teASpoOn CinNamOn

1 teaSpOon NutmEG

1 CuP RaisiNs

BaKe At 350 DegRees With a Pan Of WaTer BeNeaTh( Rack below) FoR 45 MinUteS Or UntIL KnifE CoMes Out CleAn.


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